Think outside the box!!!

here we have islands which are different from each other…

The island of this island there are people who tries to get

IMG_8001happiness throughdifferent kind of life style…but can we be really happy by Artificial and luxurious things ??the people in the  island have built a  border across the island because they want to keep the outside world out  as if they can bring more misery into their island.

the island of future, in this island most of the people are having good a economical growth,  they work for today but at the same time they prepare for the future too.but is the future really the island of future they protect their island so that the outsiders can not come in their island, they have good economic but at they same time they dont want to share ideas with new people from different sides.

Die Insel der Ärger: die Leute,die immer stress und krieg machen ,da sind.kann man nicht einfach aus Insel rausgehen und die müssen tun,was die Gesetz ist.

the island of the peace, people of this island believe when work together they can go far    also they believe  their beauty is their differences .. that means something ( don`t be alone if u happy , join with the people to help other people to be happy ).t†

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