Thoughts about racism


What is the racism?

Racism is ugly. It divides people into “us” and “them”, based on where we come from or the colour of our skin. And it happens when people feel that it’s okay to treat others badly as they go about their daily lives.

Types of racism

skin colour : is the most racism in the world

  • clan or tribes
  • religion

Causes of racism?

a) ignorance and stupidity
b) development of the western countries
c) pride

what happened when the person feel racist?

a) you may feel anger
b) sadness
c) fighting
d) to leave the place you feel racism
e) psychological problems
f) to kill your self

How we can stop racism?

  • to tell that people are same
  • to replace this ignorance
  • to increase the education of anti racism
  • to increase the relationship in the world/society by abass und mohamed

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